Avero is trusted by over 30,000 users across 51 countries

Here at Wright's at the Arizona Biltmore, we use Avero to look at sales numbers and see what’s selling and what’s trending, and we’ve also recently been using it a lot for server incentives and contests. We use Avero to reconcile all of our brunch covers with what’s in OpenTable, which helps us make sure everything is getting rung in properly and prevent theft.

-Dolan Olson Restaurant Manager at Wright's, Arizona Biltmore

Avero is truly a treasure chest of data. We use it for all of our financial data needs; it is the foundation for every data-driven decision and analysis we do at B&B.

-Alex Munoz-Suarez Former President, Pacific Division, B&B Hospitality Group

After doing my purchasing through Avero, I can walk out of the restaurant on Friday and know that, when I come back in on Monday, I won't have run out of anything and my meat walk-ins will be nearly empty.

-Peter Ducharme Kitchen Manager, Blue Smoke

With Avero Right Now, managers have access to real-time data where they can make smart decisions that impact the bottom line. My favorite feature is the Overtime screen, which we can use to make smart decisions on whom to cut first. It's restaurant management for the 21st century, and it blows the competition out of the water.

-Jordan Gibrick Director of Operations, Bottleneck Management

Avero Right Now gives me instant feedback on how my specials are selling, and it gives me guidance in planning, purchasing, and prep work for the next day or week.

-Devan Giddix Sous Chef, Bourbon House

Avero allows us to make informed business decisions. Rather than guessing who our top performers are, we know who they are. The Avero team is instrumental to the success of their product. They are extremely hands-on when it comes to training.

-Alan Hochhauser CFO, BR Guest Hospitality

It's a tool that every level in our organization can use. We are able to take our technology component, interface it with Avero and provide insights and capabilities to our team that we’ve never had before.

-Jeffrey Frederick Fmr. Regional Vice President of Food & Beverage, Caesars Entertainment

Avero gives you the easy-to-use guidance you need for your business in order to make quick and intelligent decisions to boost your profitability, make better decisions regarding your guests and team members, and the business overall. We have been using Avero in our restaurants for over ten years and can’t imagine operating without it.

-Claude Roussel Fmr. Director of Operations, China Grill Management

Avero Loss Prevention can alert us to potential theft immediately. Since using the tool, we’ve identified critical check-level control areas where we could have been vulnerable. We have already made changes to our procedures and policies so that we’re better protected against abuse.

-Jeff Owens CFO, Clyde's Restaurant Group

Once I got Avero it was earth-shattering, eye-opening. I don't come in in the morning and say to the managers 'Gee how'd it go last night?', I already know how it went last night.

-Gregar Brous Owner, Collegetown Bagels & Agava

It's really helpful and it saves a lot of time in the long run. We can go in and analyze our numbers and really have productive meetings and then not necessarily have to take the time off the floor later on.

-Laura Maniec Master Sommelier & Owner, Corkbuzz

Avero is a lifesaver for my business. In a matter of seconds I can look at sales figures, track new menu items, check on my wait staff’s performance, forecast trends and more. The software is easy to use, saving me an invaluable amount of money and time each day. Avero has become one of my best business partners.

-Tom Colicchio Owner & Executive Chef, Crafted Hospitality

We draw insights from thousands of transactions with a combination of Avero’s business intelligence and server mentoring tools. Our service team realizes that we’re invested in providing them accurate and actionable information about their performance, and in turn, they’re invested in the guest experience.

-Jim Hofer Director of Training & Service Excellence, Crave Restaurants

If you're a restaurant person who isn't using Avero, you really should. Avero helps you organize your numbers so you can focus on your guests. It's indispensable.

-Michael Fancher Director of IT, David Burke Group

Avero is great because it extrapolates all the data from my point of sale system in a way that I can slice it and dice it however I want. I can make menu decisions based on which items are selling, which ones aren't, cost information, sales information, without entering in that information. It's all right there.

-Jason Tschida Owner, DeGidio's

The new Avero interface is not only sleek, modern, and easy on the eyes, it's also extremely easy to use. I can get to the tools I use most frequently, like the Calendar, quicker than ever, and to see reports in new visual graphs on my own personal dashboard as soon as I log in is a game changer.

-Derek Nettles Director of IT, Dickie Brennan & Company

Avero understands us. We speak the same language and there’s a really great synergy that happens between Four Seasons and Avero. They are truly a partner. They understand the value of people. A tool like Avero allows us to focus on and really raise awareness on revenue generation in the company. It's unique in today's world when you find business partners that really see the value and can show the value beyond the traditional partnership.

-Chris Hunsberger Fmr. Chief People Officer, Four Seasons

I use Avero’s group-level analytics to monitor revenue coming in across the hotel property. Using the Group Sales Summary Report, I can run a comparison of sales and covers YTD, MTD and WTD against last year for all outlets at once, and then very easily drill down into any of the outlets to look at the menu mix in that specific restaurant. Avero is extremely helpful to my job.

-Arun Malik Manager, Food & Beverage, FRHI Hotels & Resorts

Avero is probably our most important business tool at Gotham. It provides a platform for our management team to communicate and analyze on a daily basis and it keeps me in touch with the business at all times. Avero gives me data and answers to help me make informed decisions to help me improve our business at every level, product, process and profit.

-Bret Csencsitz Managing Partner, Gotham Bar & Grill

I have Avero Mobile on my iPad and iPhone, and I’ve been running around showing everybody all the different things we can do and how deep we can drill down – sales in a certain area, food sales, item mix, which server is selling most of that menu item. It’s really easy to access; I pull all my numbers from Avero on a daily basis for my ops meetings or before my daily executive meetings.

-Anthony Torres Director of Food & Beverage, Grand Wailea

Avero is an important tool that is utilized daily to help in multiple aspects of operations. I utilize item sales to identify ordering needs for package beer goods as well as inventory control and loss prevention. The payroll summary and time sheet functions in Labor give me an additional tool to double check my payroll editing and accuracy. The Logbook is not only a good communication tool, but it helps identify special events or impacts on sales from one year to the next. We also utilize the lost sales opportunity report to encourage staff to push themselves to increase sales and make more money.

-Tom Foust General Manager of Twist, Here to Serve Restaurants

I use Avero’s group-level analytics for comparison reporting to judge overall health and growth throughout a group with about 20 outlets. For a restaurant group this large we have to manage labor on a large scale, and Avero’s Labor module allows me to take control of that aspect of the business.

-Steven Labrovic Vice President of Operations, Houlihan's (A.C.E. Restaurant Group)

Avero offers me a simple and standard way to review my restaurant’s YOY performance, product mix and covers wherever I am. It is truly my morning cup of coffee, so that before I even enter the restaurant I am informed and know where I need to spend my day. What this all comes back to is Avero saves me time, so that I can spend a little extra time at home or on the floor, and out of the back office!

-Scott Henkle General Manager, Il Buco

We're able to use the data that we get from Avero and actually use it to better our staff and the restaurant as a whole. I always like to say that the best service is invisible, you don't notice it, it's the same sort of thing with Avero -- it's right there at my fingertips and I don't have to think about it and I don't have to stress about it.

-Christopher Skillern General Manager, Javelina

“With Avero’s help with the financial aspect of our business, we can concentrate more on the guest experience, increasing revenues and identifying the best employees.”

-Felix Batista Dining Manager, Jean-Georges

Avero has made our staff more conscious of putting the proper information into the POS system from the start, guiding them into making sure that correct, useful information is communicated. It really has made it better for all departments and people that need and want to know what is happening in the resort regarding F&B.

-Marc Westengard Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, La Quinta Palm Springs

Avero’s Group Reporting is crucial for running my operations. I love having the ability to see global item sales for each of my businesses in a matter of seconds without having to run multiple reports. Avero’s support team is unparalleled – I frequently use the Solutions Center to learn even more about the product and how it can help me.

-Phil Marienthal Director of Operations, Lady Gregory's & Wilde

When we opened last year, our partners would call me every hour on the hour to get updated sales figures. Sometimes it would be challenging and time consuming to leave the floor, run to the POS terminal, pull sales reports, and text our partners, but now we all use Avero Right Now to instantly check sales peaks and troughs at any given moment. I use it religiously because it allows me to still focus on service and be present on the floor.

-John Economos General Manager, Beatrix Streeterville, Lettuce Entertain You

I have used Avero for many years now and I would not be where I am without it.

-Martin Cabrera Director of Operations, Navy Beach

Avero has given us insights into our F&B performance that we simply never had before. It addresses the challenges we face in the cruise industry, and it reflects the way we measure performance.

-Michael Flesch Fmr. Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line

I was able to effectively investigate fraud in my restaurant using Avero Loss Prevention and then by following up with video surveillance. Avero helped me prove that theft was occurring, allowing me to terminate the fraudulent employee.

-Ian McDermott Manager of Food & Beverage, Pacific Hospitality Group

Avero helps our team to get the most out of our servers, helping them deliver the best guest experience and raise our profitability. It’s an invaluable partnership that every Hyatt property should have at their disposal.

-Markus Puereschitz Senior Director of Food & Beverage, Park Hyatt New York

In the hospitality industry, it’s all about the details. Whoever gets those details right wins, and Avero gives me details.

-Geoff Gjilva Director of Operations, Patina Restaurant Group

Setting revenue goals through the Avero Mobile app for my team to push those two extra Margaritas or Taco Trios is a fantastic team-building exercise. We’ve seen it generate as much as $150 of revenue within minutes!

-Mariana Ross General Manager, Salvation Taco

We were pleased to be one of Avero’s first clients, and remain very happy customers 10 years and 6 locations later! Avero has been an instrumental tool for our business in that it gives us easily accessible visibility to our operations in a crucial daily snapshot. As Samba Brands Management continues its international expansion, Avero’s Finance module will no doubt continue to assist us with our financial forecasting and monitoring. Additionally, its Logbook and Calendar features have become part of our daily routine and are key informational tools for all of our management and corporate team members. Avero’s Finance module keeps us all accountable and informed – we can’t imagine doing business without it!”

-Patricia Gonzalez COO, Samba Brands Management

Avero has become an instrumental tool for analyzing our Food and Beverage operations at The Venetian & The Palazzo. The software has allowed us to take deep dives into our operations to dissect hourly restaurant performance, identify key drivers for our operating units and further push efficiencies and margin improvement. I utilize Avero for all our F&B point of sale data requests and it has proven to be a reliable, convenient, intuitive business analytics tool.

-Christopher Guerra Assistant Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Our flat POS reports never gave us key insights to help us optimize our sales, labor expenses and service team. Avero gives us much more visibility into what drives our core business.

-Miles Gray Managing Partner, Smith Commons

As a previous user of Avero at other properties, I am so happy to have my financials back at my fingertips. Here is what I told my team last week about Avero: ‘The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.’ They now are seeing what I was telling them about.

-Michael Kennedy Director of Food Operations, South Point Hotel Casino & Spa

The benefit of Avero is that it's a 'one-stop-shop' for all of our restaurants' analytic needs. But it’s the human element behind their product that really differentiates Avero and our partnership with them. Their Account Managers listen to our business needs and ensure my team and I have the information we need to achieve our goals.

-Bradlee Bartram Fmr. Vice President of Restaurants, STARR Restaurants

This convergence of technology and hospitality seems to be coming together ever so swiftly and relatively seamlessly because of Avero. Avero has made my life easier, more manageable, and my wife gets to see me a little more often.

-Paul Grieco Owner, Terroir

We are able to confidently make decisions about whether to open during bad weather, like blizzards, because of Avero's event-driven insight. We look at data from other years’ big storms and from there determine if it would be worth opening during an upcoming one.

-Harry Joannides Owner & General Manager, The Bar Room

A lot of restaurant guys are not naturally data guys, but if you'd like to expand your business or just see more money in the bank you have to become one. I had to train myself to become a data guy, and Avero helped me do it.

-Cory Lane Director of Operations, The Cannibal

Our GM and Chef teams use Avero every day. From analyzing sales data to using hourly reports to forecast business levels, we've got the information we need to make informed decisions rather than shooting from the hip.

-Brett Traussi COO, The Dinex Group

Avero has been an amazing tool for our management team over the past few years. As our company continues to grow, Avero is giving us the opportunity to understand and evaluate the different segments of our restaurants. With today’s challenges in the economy, Avero has been valuable in gauging the pulse and trend of where dollars are being spent. With this knowledge we are able to expand or decrease those areas and maximize our profits.

-Sondra Bernstein Proprietor, the girl & the fig

The long and short of it is, by using the Avero app, we are able to make smart business decisions on the fly. Really, data is like gold in this industry and I personally believe that all the decisions that we make today, specifically operationally and financially, are based around the data that we have collected.

-Michael Chernow Fmr. Co-Owner, The Meatball Shop

I’ve been a big fan of Avero for over ten years, and we are currently using it in all of Ken Friedman’s restaurants. Our favorite features are Check Search and Server Summaries. We get about 10-15 check requests a day because a large percentage of our guests are here on business; regular POS reporting could take a week to return that check, but Avero allows us to email a check to a customer while we’re still on the phone with them. We use Service Summaries to incentivize our team by posting tip results in the back office, which motivates servers to contribute more to a higher team average while offering the best possible guest experience.

-Chris Dorsey General Manager, The Monkey Bar

Avero allows our managers to spend less time pulling reports and more time identifying strategic opportunities and making informed decisions to implement changes in our restaurants. Avero also allows us to more efficiently measure the success of these types of changes implemented across our portfolio. In this day and age with so much demand on ROI, these types of tractable and quantifiable financial metrics measured through Avero are incredibly valuable to our operators.

-John Inserra Fmr. COO, The ONE Group

We all have a great ‘feeling’ for what’s working and what’s not in our restaurants, but to be able to see what feels right (or wrong) against what's really happening is one of the greatest benefits of Avero.

-Adam Burke Vice President of Operations, The Smith

I use it all the time. In fact, my wife laughs at me because before I even get out of bed in the morning I read all of the manager logs. It helps me with my marketing, it helps me with my staffing levels and it certainly helps our managers to better run the business.

-Kelley Jones Principal, Trust 3 Hospitality