In today’s competitive environment, you need to understand what's contributing most to your daily number, when restaurant sales are at their highest and lowest, and how you're comparing to past performance. With Avero's restaurant sales software, you can better manage and ultimately improve your restaurant by measuring key performance indicators.

  • Optimize your menu through selling more of what's hot & getting rid of what's not.
  • Manage costs & eliminate waste by accurately forecasting purchasing.
  • Monitor cashier-controlled items to determine if they're ringing in every check item.
  • Drive average check by easily executing contests to incentivize sales & energize staff.
Avero is a lifesaver for my business. In a matter of seconds I can look at sales figures, track new menu items, check on my wait staff’s performance, forecast trends and more.

Tom Colicchio, Crafted Hospitality

Forecast Restaurant Sales with Meaningful Statistics and Insight

Analyzing data to improve the accuracy of your budgeting takes time. Avero's restaurant sales report quickly delivers long-term comparative data so that you can confidently forecast sales and costs. Relying on meaningful statistics and insights that are delivered to you when you need them will change the way you work and plan for your future. Contact us now and start improving your restaurant sales today.