Avero Single Server Mentoring combines data driven insights with personalized coaching, to increase underperforming server productivity and enhance the overall customer experience. 

With Avero Single Server Mentoring you will:

  • Identify your lowest performing staff for individual coaching within the normal course of business.
  • Uncover best practices and make them part of your training program.
  • Increase sales, tips and consistency of service through targeted staff training and focusing staff on high-impact menu items.
  • Develop a sales-oriented culture and close service gaps within your staff­. 

Avero Single Server Mentoring provides just the right amount of information to your restaurant managers so that they can effectively coach their servers. It offers constant visibility in to the success of the program so that you can hold your managers, your servers – and Avero – accountable for results. Use Logbook to share progress and anecdotes and keep management informed of individual staff member improvement.

Proven Results

The methodology that powers Avero Single Server Mentoring has been verified by Dr. Sheryl E. Kimes of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and Hospitality Research.

To date:

  • Over 10,000 servers have graduated from the mentoring program
  • Our clients have generated over $40M in incremental sales while enhancing the customer experience
  • On average, clients achieve an 3:1 ROI

For even more sophisticated support of your Service Team through the creation of enterprise-wide sales plans, we offer Avero ServePro, coming in 2013.