Avero Single Server Mentoring combines data-driven insights with personalized coaching to improve under-performing servers and enhance customer experience.

  • Identify under-performing staff for individual coaching.
  • Uncover best practices & make them part of your training program.
  • Increase sales & tips through targeted training & high-impact menu items.
  • Develop a sales-oriented culture & close service gaps within your staff­. 
Our service team realizes that we’re invested in providing them accurate and actionable information about their performance, and in turn, they’re invested in the guest experience.

Jim Hofer, Crave Restaurants

The methodology behind Single Server Mentoring and how to enhance customer experience and improve customer experience strategy has been verified by Dr. Sheryl E. Kimes of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and Hospitality Research. To date: 

  • 10,000+ servers have graduated from the program
  • Avero clients have generated over $40M in incremental sales
  • Avero clients have achieved a 3x ROI