The guest experience you desire can be delivered consistently and profitably with the help of the Avero Service Team module, allowing you to focus on servers that need you most.

  • Get a deep understanding of every server's performance with the Server Scorecard.
  • Pinpoint what drives high average checks & incorporate it into your procedures.
  • Initiate targeted server training & mentoring programs for underperforming staff.
  • Better serve high-revenue groups by allocating servers based on specific factors.
  • Track down promos & voids to catch training needs early & deter fraud.
Avero is very eye-opening for servers because they often think they have no room for improvement, but once shown empirical data they realize this is not the case.

Alan Hochhauser, BR Guest Hospitality

How to Improve Restaurant Customer Satisfaction

Improving restaurant employee performance and customer satisfaction will pay off for your restaurant in the short and long term -- first you'll see positive impact on average check and overall sales, and over time you'll cultivate a following of loyal guests. Steps made to increase customer satisfaction are steps toward greater profitability; take the first step with the Avero Service Team module.