F&B operators need to be able to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that ultimately support labor cost management and increase restaurant revenue. Step up to more precise employee scheduling and optimize sales every hour of the day with Avero's restaurant revenue management solution.

  • Review hourly cover counts, covers per labor hour, item sales by hour & more.
  • Quickly pinpoint which staff to cut or bring in even during hectic shifts.
  • Drive incremental sales by expanding hours during busy seasons.
  • Decrease labor costs by closing early on slower days.
Avero allows us to focus on and really raise awareness on revenue generation in the company.

Chris Hunsberger, Four Seasons

Optimize Labor & Sales Every Hour, Every Day

An hour-by-hour view of employee-level labor costs will help you target cuts within a shift, while hourly item ordering trends make it easy to prepare for each shift and run targeted promotions to drive off-peak demand. Revenue Management reports can be automated so that all managers are equally informed about current labor and sales status, and these reports can be customized to staff groups and job type so managers can quickly access data the answers they need right now, elevating the level of labor-related decision making across your operation. Let Avero show you how to increase revenue in a restaurant.