For Avero Right Now to integrate with a specific point of sale system, the following minimum system requirements must be met to ensure that the point of sale system’s performance will not be affected in any way:

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Windows 7 or newer operating system
  • 2 GB usable RAM
  • CPU usage less than 75%
  • Memory (RAM) usage less than 75% for systems with less than 4 GB usable memory
  • Memory (RAM) usage less than 85% for systems with more than 4 GB usable memory
  • 150 MB free space
  • Net Framework 3.0 or higher
  • Supported Systems: Aloha, Digital Dining, Micros 3700, PixelPoint, PosiTouch, and Restaurant Manager

Additionally, you should not use your POS to run any nonessential programs, especially ones that require significant processing, memory, and/or network usage, such as:

  • Torenting services 
  • Streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)
  • Filesharing/synchronizing (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.)
  • IIS server
  • SQL server (if not required by POS)

Best Practices

Taking the following actions will ensure best performance and data integrity with Avero Right Now:

  • A weekly system restart (Avero recommends a bi-weekly restart every 3 or 4 days)
  • A stable broadband connection (no minimum up/down speeds are required, just a consistent uptime and ability to send real time to the server)

System-Specific Minimum Requirements -- Digital Dining

Digital Dining Version 7.4.3 or higher is required, and you must enable the XML export to the following specs:

  • XML export must be activated as OnSend (transactions are exported when check is opened).
  • XML export must be set to populate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Digital Dining\XML.
  • XML export file name must be in TRMMDDYY format (TR073016.XML would be July 30, 2016).
  • XML export must have labor activated (exported as soon as employee clocks in).
  • XML export should have full data (if there is missing data, full data will not be available in Avero Mobile).
  • XML export should be configured to run for full duration of day, every day.

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