See the Big Picture of your restaurant operations, everywhere you are, with Avero Mobile.

Avero Now has A Mobile App!

Avero Mobile is an App designed for the hospitality industry, giving F&B operators immediate access to complete operational data. You'll love the sleek interface which takes you right to the heart of your data. Charts and graphs highlight key insights and changing a date range or meal period takes just a swipe. Use Siri to enter your Logbook entries with your voice.  As with all Avero products, you can drill down to get deeper into the numbers.

With Avero Mobile you will:

  • Start the day strong, reviewing yesterday's sales figures, seasonal trends and the Logbook before you finish your morning coffee.
  • Be more efficient when you identify any key issues and build your daily action plan during your commute.
  • Have productive, contextual conversations with your staff while on the floor, armed with data-driven insights.
  • Close your day out with certainty with a final review of the numbers and a Logbook entry before you nod off for the night.

The power is yours, and now it is in the palm of your hand wherever you go. You no longer need to be tethered to the back office, or even on site, to run your business. You will save time, be more productive and feel more in control.

Avero Mobile is available for the iPad and iPhone on the App Store and is free for all Avero Slingshot customers.

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