With so much to focus on in your restaurant and so much on the line, can you afford NOT to have added protection and support? The Avero Promos & Voids module is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that helps you manage loss in your business.

  • Pinpoint sources of loss such as employee training, restaurant fraud or menu item.
  • Quickly uncover telltale signs of fraud like low cash-to-credit ratio.
  • Prevent further theft & fraud with historical trending.
  • Execute profitable promotions by viewing sales impact within data ranges, specific meal periods & more.

A Powerful Weapon in Restaurant Theft Prevention

Theft can happen in many ways, but POS fraud is sophisticated and tough to detect without the right safeguards in place. The Avero Promos & Voids module makes it easy for you to be vigilant, which helps to identify and limit loss and prevent further restaurant theft. With just one click you'll be able to identify suspicious behavior and take the required action, a better approach than sifting through checks and manual reports.