Managing a restaurant is hard. You have a lot to focus on besides profitability. Let us make it easier for you to mind your bottom line. Avero Slingshot® promotes confident, supported decision making to improve profitability and the guest experience:

  • Go deep at the outlet level to uncover the root causes of key performance metrics.
  • Quickly assess and compare performance across your group even if your restaurants span different concepts or use different point of sale systems.
  • Explore key service metrics like average check and tip percentage across the whole of your service team to find your top performers and those with training needs.
  • Identify those servers who perform best with VIP tables or large parties so you have the right people on the floor focused on the right tables.
  • Cultivate a true sales-oriented culture with a personalized coaching approach.

Menu Matters

Your menu must be special, distinct, memorable, but it also needs to sell - at a healthy margin.

With Avero Slingshot® you will manage and track the performance of your menu items to keep prime costs down, sell more of what is hot and get rid of what is not.

You will also find it easier to forge that critical connection between the Front- and Back-of-House; data supported conversations will keep your chef informed on what items are most popular with guests while helping your servers understand what they should be promoting and why.

We offer a spectrum of purchasing options so that you can select the package that is right your individual restaurant or entire restaurant group.

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