When you manage a restaurant group you simply can’t be everywhere at once, so you rely on numbers to get the job done. We at Avero understand the power of numbers, which is why we have developed the most powerful data analytics engine in the industry.

With Avero Slingshot Group Reporting you will:

  • Analyze all of your outlets at the corporate level.
  • Select standard attributes - or create your own - to quickly compare city locations to suburban areas, mall restaurants to freestanding sites, or evaluate based on revenue tiers, media spend, dining room layout, remodel date...the possibilities are endless.
  • Pinpoint outliers – good and bad – across your enterprise.
  • Identify and replicate best practices throughout the whole of the enterprise.
  • Tighten up the cost structure of the entire operation with insights that identify then minimize waste, theft and fraud.
  • Confidently decide whether or not to run a marketing campaign, where to test new menu items or dining concepts, when to close a location or open a new one.

Set Up Your Managers for Success

At the outlet level, we outfit your GMs with insights they need to do their jobs more effectively and the tools they need to execute corporate strategies.

Turn-key solutions such as Avero Single Server Mentoring can be implemented easily so that GMs can execute quickly and in the intended way. Time saving tools like Logbook help to improve communication among each outlet's management team and gives you a direct line into what is going on.

Your managers will spend less time in the back office and more time with staff and guests – where you really need them to be.

Powerful analytics and the outlet level support you need – talk to Avero today.

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