In the club on a packed night, it may be tough to see what's driving your business. When you partner with Avero, it's like the lights are always on.

Avero Slingshot® can quickly help you get to the bottom of what is keeping your club alive and thriving:

  • Understand the impact of bottle sales, celebrity DJs and other promotions.
  • Pinpoint which promoters are bringing in the highest volume of guests, and the biggest spenders.
  • Unveil trends that will help you to better forecast, prepare and staff for every shift.
  • Make confident, mid-shift decisions without leaving the center of the action with Avero Mobile™. 
  • Protect your profits with a direct line of sight into fraudulent behavior and - coming soon - an automated approach to preventing fraud and theft.

Boost Waiter and Bartender Performance

So much of your success depends on your service staff. Let us help you develop a higher-yield, more consistent guest experience in your club:

  • Hone in on high- and low-performers as well as specific areas of improvement with the Avero Slingshot Service Team Module.
  • Opt for hands-on support to quickly close the gaps between those high- and low-performers with Avero Single Server Mentoring.
  • Dig deeper into specific menu items and servers for the most holistic approach.

Contact Avero today and it won't be long before you find yourself sleeping better at night.
Or during the day. 

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