Now more than ever, consumers are considering dining options when selecting a hotel while hotels are depending more on F&B to deliver the brand promise and create satsified, loyal guests. Managing hotel restaurant revenue is easy with Avero Slingshot®:

  • Centralize & standardize all data, from full service restaurants to quick service cafés & room service.
  • Extract clear, simple, actionable insights to grow F&B contribution & reduce costs.
  • Measure outlet performance & trends to compare all outlets despite different POS systems.
  • Set enterprise-wide standards to get your staff striving for the same goals.

Cash in on Hospitality

Profits and enhanced guest experience can co-exist, and Avero can help you get there. The Avero Slingshot Service Team Module helps you zero in on high and low performers and specific areas of improvement to boost sales volume and average check, while Avero Single Server Mentoring delivers hands-on support to close service gaps for consistent delivery of the experience expected by guests in your hotel.

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