Managing F&B operations for a casino doesn't have to be a gamble. We know - for the past decade we have been helping our casino customers grow their F&B contribution.

Avero Slingshot® delivers the sohpisticated analytics you need to: 

  • Improve the accuracy of your forecasting, prepping and staffing for special events, concerts and conferences.
  • Better manage your layout and seating charts for more profitable buffets.
  • Minimize lost sales and waste with more accurate purchasing, thanks to a clearer view of item sales. 
  • Cater to your VIPs with detailed insights into your most loyal high rollers - and big eaters.
  • Boost total capture ratio for your property.

And now, with Avero Mobile, these powerful insights and analytic capabilities can go with you, whether you are walking the casino floor, in the nightclub or greeting VIPs.

Know the Spread

With the addition of Avero Slingshot Group Reporting you can quickly see how your various outlets stack up. Easily group or exclude outlets based on custom attributes then run powerful comparative analytics with a few clicks. This is especially important when making decisions around investments, expansion or closing an outlet.

Avero’s service organization will see you through, working with you to set strategic goals and execute on the front lines. We give you and your analysts what they need to reveal the insights that will keep guests in your property, consuming more from your F&B outlets.

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