If you're a restaurant person who isn't using Avero, you really should. Avero helps you organize your numbers so you can focus on your guests. It's indispensable.

- Michael Fancher Director of IT, David Burke Group

CIOs and CTOs choose Avero restaurant technology over any other platform to power their data analysis.

  • Should I build or buy?
  • Many CIOs and CTOs think about how to build their own platform to accommodate their unique data needs. What we find more often than not is this becomes extremely time consuming and costly. By integrating with Avero restaurant technology services, you can:

    • Be up and running in a matter of months, not years, which means you can begin driving profits sooner than if you built your own proprietary system. (Plus, the costs of building a proprietary system are often significantly higher than the cost of Avero.)
    • Always get the most cutting edge enhancements and updates to your system, not to mention best-in-class customer service when you need someone to talk to.

    Check out how Steve LaBrie, VP of IT from Patina Restaurant Group, made his decision to buy Avero.

  • Can I protect my data integrity?
  • Avero understands data is one of your greatest assets and the key to making better business decisions. We are invested in protecting the integrity of your data at every level through our several encryption mechanisms, trusted by some of the world’s largest casinos. Plus, we have a state-of-the-art data management system that allows for easy slicing and dicing of your data, and seamlessly storing it from POS to POS.

  • My company is growing.
  • Whether you have 200 outlets or are hoping to grow to 200, Avero has hotel and restaurant technology solutions to meet your evolving needs. Avero sells business licenses, not user licenses, so all your team members can see the benefits of Avero without any additional cost to you.


Avero saves time, drives profits, and gets you the answers you need
to make better business decisions.

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