Avero allows us to make informed business decisions. Rather than guessing who our top performers are, we know who they are.

- Alan Hochhauser CFO, BR Guest Hospitality

CFOs rely on Avero to get comprehensive insights quickly and drive better business decisions.

  • I need to customize my reports.
  • Most CFOs not only need standard information, but need that information customized into reporting formats that work for their business. Avero’s custom Flash Reports offer a quick way to create a customized view of the data in order to drive faster decision making.

  • I need to create a link to another system.
  • Avero offers Links that allow you to link your Avero data to another system, such as a payroll or accounting, so that you can seamlessly upload your data without having to download spreadsheets and export data.

  • I need better controls in my business.
  • For 15+ years Avero has helped clients manage fraud and loss in their operation through increased visibility into voids and promotion trends. At both the enterprise and outlet level, Avero has tools to allow you see void and promotion activity over time, by employee or by category, for simple monitoring. We also offer advanced products such as Avero Loss Prevention, which provides alerts for seven different types of fraud. It is the most comprehensive solution on the market to combat fraud and loss.

  • I need to consider a scalable product for my growing company.
  • Whether you have 200 outlets or hoping to grow to 200, Avero has solutions to meet your evolving needs. Avero sells business licenses, not user licenses, so all your team members can see the benefits of Avero without any additional cost to you.


Avero saves time, drives profits, and gets you the answers you need
to make better business decisions.

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