Avero is a lifesaver for my business. In a matter of seconds I can look at sales figures, track new menu items, check on my wait staff’s performance, forecast trends and more. The software is easy to use, saving me an invaluable amount of money and time each day.

- Tom Colicchio Owner & Executive Chef, Crafted Hospitality

From single restaurants to enterprise hotel chains, Executive Chefs use Avero to drive profitability.

  • My POS reporting doesn't give me and my team the insights I need to make better business decisions.
  • Avero’s easy-to-use chef software allows you to quickly look at trend information across sales, service, labor, voids, promos and more. Empower your managers to quickly understand table revenue, create and monitor contests, and more – you can’t do that from your POS!

  • I want to make informed changes to the menu.
  • Your customers come to your restaurant to eat and drink, so what are you doing to help manage your offerings? Whether you have a prix fixe menu or a la carte, Avero's chef management tool can easily help you understand your product mix based on days of the week and seasons of the year to optimize your offerings. Want to assess monthly? Quarterly? Weekly? Simply set up a Pmix report for you and your BOH team to receive as a reminder to review the menu. Don’t forget, you can track the impact of your changes on an ongoing basis as well!

  • I need to manage my food costs.
  • Never overprepared or unprepared for service again. Avero’s chef management software includes menu item trend reports to help you be prepared for any meal period in any revenue center based on day of week, time of year, events in town and more. Utilize the Logbook to track event history compared to item sales for an accurate projection of prepping and parring needs. Plus, you can set these reports to be emailed regularly so your team can be prepared for every service.

  • I need to control my labor costs.
  • Avero knows you and your managers cannot watch the time clock in every outlet. Track performance of labor costs YOY compared to sales and know which outlets are hurting your bottom line the most. Plus, Avero’s kitchen manager software provides automated overtime reports, giving your team precise rankings of hours to overtime so they can control labor costs better on a weekly basis.

  • I need to stay in touch with my team, even when I'm not in the restaurant.
  • Avero’s Logbook allows you to streamline communication across your team whether you're on the floor, at home or checking on purchases. Daily entries can be made by you or your team in a central place, on your mobile device or at a computer, and then automatically shared with the entire company seamlessly. You also have historic Logbook information right at your fingertips so no guest, employee or event will be forgotten.

  • I hate being tied to the back office or my POS for reports to understand my business.
  • Then don’t be. Avero knows the last place you want to be is in the office, so we offer simple tools that allow you to run your business on the go and in a short amount of time:

    • Set up emailed reports for you and your team so you rarely have to login to the system. Get daily or weekly sales reports, server scorecards, void and promo reports, and more. We’ll even send you email alerts when we detect fraud by an employee or location.
    • If your inbox is crowded enough, simply log on to Avero Mobile on your smartphone or tabletto get the insights you need at your fingertips. Easily pull up Pmix analysis, voids for quality control, YOY performance and more. Best of all, our app is free with your Avero subscription!

Avero saves time, drives profits, and gets you the answers you need
to make better business decisions.

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