The Challenge:

Joanne Taylor is the CFO of B&B Hospitality, the world-renowned restaurant group led by Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich.  The group was founded on “traditional Italian principles: the notion that food is best left to its simple beauty, that the dining experience should be shared with loved ones and that we can leave the world a better place that how we came to it.” B&B has over 25 restaurants across 7 cities around the world that range from ultra-fine dining concepts such as Del Posto, to upscale restaurants such as Casa Mono, to casual  dining experiences such as Pizzeria Mozza.

One of the departments Joanne oversees is accounting and payroll, where over 50% of her payroll team’s time (120 hours a week) was being spent solely on processing weekly payroll.

Each week her payroll team were required to review punches across the group as detailed in POS reports, re-key POS labor data into custom B&B spreadsheets, field calls from operations on edits and concerns, and revise the final payroll report before submitting for processing. All in all, Joanne’s team spent the first half of their week focusing on finalizing payroll for the previous week.

Time to Take Action:

Joanne knew there had to be a better way to improve accountability and transparency, reduce errors, and streamline processes to save her team time. She turned to her payroll provider BenefitMall and her revenue management software provider, Avero for a solution.

The Avero Payroll Link provides a seamless integration between restaurant labor systems and payroll systems such as BenefitMall. Through the direct integration between Avero and B&B labor systems, the payroll data is automatically uploaded into Avero – eliminating the need to obtain weekly POS reports from operations. Plus, by logging into Avero, payroll staff have immediate access to all payroll data – all in one secure place. In addition, the data that is displayed in Avero is already formatted to BenefitMall specifications.

The Bottom Line:

No re-formatting. No re-keying. No disparate reports from the POS system to wrestle with.

Now Joanne’s team simply reviews the payroll data they get within Avero and upload it directly to the BenefitMall payroll portal every week. By implementing the Avero Payroll Link solution, Joanne has cut down the time spent on payroll by 50% – that’s 60 hours a week! Plus the new process has eliminated any manual re-keying for the payroll team which has reduced errors significantly. Lastly, she is able to hold the restaurant managers accountable for making adjustments on time within the POS system before her team receives the output within Avero.

Now more than ever, Joanne and her executive team have more transparency across the company’s labor expenses and higher accountability to maintain a clean POS for a clean payroll.  With Avero Payroll Link in place, Joanne and her payroll team can now focus on valuable analyses to work on moving the business forward and improving the employee experience to continue to innovate and maintain B&B’s leadership in the F&B industry.


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