The Challenge:

Avid taco fans and longtime business partners April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman made the dream of owning their own taqueria a reality when they opened Salvation Taco in New York's Pod 39 Hotel in 2012. Named after the space's former Salvation Army, Salvation Taco serves snacks, appetizers, tortas and, of course, tacos, as well as larger family-style dishes and lovingly crafted cocktails.

In the beginning of 2016, General Manager Mariana Ross was looking for a fun and engaging way to drive average check at the restaurant. Mariana turned to Avero, the leading provider of restaurant software analytics, and their new mobile app to help her achieve this goal in real time.

Time to Take Action:

With the help of Avero’s real-time mobile application, Avero Right Now, Mariana is now able to set daily goals for her service team to encourage sales of signature menu items. She motivates her staff to push just a few extra menu items per cover, and uses the Avero Right Now app to track the success of those sales in real time. This allows Mariana to see how many of each item a server sells, then compare their nightly sales to their historical averages in Avero, giving her a complete, accurate picture of her service team's performance.

The Bottom Line:

Mariana says "Setting revenue goals through the Avero Mobile app for my team to push those two extra Margaritas or Taco Trios is a fantastic teambuilding exercise. We’ve seen it generate as much as $150 of revenue within minutes!"

Mariana finds these daily goals to be great team-building exercises and fun ways to boost average check. While setting attainable goals in real time, Mariana has seen each server make an additional $20 per shift, leading to an additional $20,000+ per server per year, or $180,000 total per year.


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