The Challenge:

Back in 1979, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group put Atlanta's restaurant scene on the map. Over the last four decades they have expanded to 13 internationally renowned restaurants in Atlanta and South Florida.

In the summer of 2016, Buckhead's Chief Operating Officer, David Abes, noticed something unusual at the bar in one of his restaurants. Through Avero Check Search, he saw many checks from this bar with food items but almost no beverages. Was it really possible that his restaurant guests were sitting at the bar and ordering food with no drinks? This was an instant red flag for David.

Time to Take Action:

An avid Avero user for years, David knew he could turn to another Avero tool, the Tips Report in the Service module, to find the answer. Through that feature, David was able to not only see his employees' tips by outlet and job type (i.e. bartender vs. server), but also sort the list by tip percentage. Immediately, David saw that three of his bartenders at one particular Buckhead Life restaurant had an average tip of over 30% each. This was well above the group standard, so he knew he had to take action. 

The Bottom Line:

"Avero is such an eye-opener. I found out what was going on, held a bartender meeting, asked the group what they thought their total tip percentage was, and shared the results," David said. "They were shocked."

When David presented his findings to his team, one of the bartenders in question quit on the spot and the other two were let go soon after. Word about the meeting spread throughout Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, and David soon witnessed positive behavior changes in all of his bartenders and servers. Through one quick, easy-to-use report, David was able to save his restaurant enterprise thousands of dollars in lost revenue per year. 


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