1. Does Avero share performance with third parties?

    Avero's first priority is data integrity, and we would never do anything to compromise that. Avero would never share your financial performance with another industry group or third party; we want to help you leverage your data into solutions to help you improve operations, and that does not involve sharing your personal performance.

  2. Does Avero require any hardware?

    Avero leaves the hardware business to the POS companies -- we are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides clients with a dynamic and user-friendly cloud-based tool to drive revenues, reduce prime costs and save time in their operation.

  3. Is Avero easy to install?

    The beauty of no hardware means quick installation with a short checklist of to-dos. Our dedicated implementation team will be with you every step of the way and will provide you with simple instructions for getting Avero up and running in your operation in no time!

  4. Does Avero offer flexible pricing?

    Avero offers very flexible packages to fit the needs of any operation. The price could be as low as $600 for our most basic solutions, and every operation you have can get the package that is ideal for them. Our team will be able to help you find the right package to address all of your business needs.

  5. Is Avero's data extraction safe and secure?

    Avero's own data extraction utility initiates transfers on a nightly basis, so data is only being pulled from the POS. You can also allow only Avero IP addresses to send data, making an already secure setup even more secure. Plus, Avero works with some of the most secure networks in the industry, from large casino groups to major dining chains, who all trust Avero with their data.

  6. Are there any devices Avero won't work on?

    Avero is a web-based software solution, so no matter what device you're on it should work the same just like any other website would. Avero primarily supports Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox on Windows and Intel MAC, and Safari on Intel Mac, and we offer a free real-time mobile app with subscription, so you should be ready to run with Avero wherever you are, whenever you want with your iOS and Android devices! Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 10 and prior are not supported.

  7. How fast can Avero give me information?

    Avero's major priority is getting you the solutions you need when you need them. We are always working to improve the speed of our software and optimize the way large amounts of historical data is saved and pulled. However, Avero is a web-based software solution, so the Internet is essential. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you may experience slower service. The amount of data you are pulling can also play a role in the speed of the tool as it works to aggregate the insights together.

  8. Can I customize the information Avero gives me?

    Avero has a set of customizable snapshots that will automatically update each time you log in for the most up-to-date insights. You can have as many snapshots as you want, and each snapshot is like your own custom dashboard with four separate graphs or tables. Plus, each user can have their own custom view, or you can share yours with the team for standard metrics of accountability.

  9. Can Avero email me reports?

    Once you determine the key insights you want to receive, you can set them up to automatically come to you daily, weekly or monthly in email format. Or, if you get enough emails, you can always log in to your saved reports and get key insights within a few clicks.

  10. Can Avero show me my performance vs. budget?

    Avero’s Finance module makes it easy -- quickly upload your budget for the year and get daily breakdowns of performance vs. budget across specific meal periods, revenue centers and food vs. beverage sales. You can even set up these comparisons to automatically be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly for a clear understanding of how your operation is performing.

  11. What if my POS goes down, will Avero still work?

    Avero works diligently to get you the solutions you need when you need them. Data transfers successfully from POS systems to Avero 99% of the time. Keep in mind, when there is a delay in transfer, it could be for a variety of reasons -- turning off the POS, Internet connection being down, firewall configurations, or POS server issues that have absolutely nothing to do with Avero. In any scenario, if a data transfer is missed, Avero’s support team will work closely with you to recover it in a timely manner.

  12. Can Avero help protect my data from viruses?

    Avero’s proprietary software is developed and maintained in-house, so we protect the integrity of our connection and software at every step along the way. We even cleanse your data with our proprietary algorithms to help deliver you all the insights you need. All your historical performance is safe with Avero!

  13. What POS systems does Avero work best with?

    Avero works no matter what POS you use. We integrate with over 65 POS, labor and time systems, seamlessly bringing their data onto our single platform for you to access. Want enterprise insights, but have different POS systems? Avero can bring all of your performance together in one standard view. And if you change POS systems or upgrade your server, Avero will have all your historical data so you never miss a moment! We make the transition seamless so you can focus on the important stuff -- getting the solutions you need.

  14. Does Avero store credit card numbers?

    Avero only takes what is in your POS, so as long as your machine is PCI compliant, Avero is too. Additionally, before we load or store any data, we always “x” out all but the last four digits of a credit card as an additional security measure. We want to deliver our clients solutions to help improve their businesses, and credit card data does not help do that. Rest assured that your POS data is protected with Avero!